The Calling
finding your place in God's plan


The Calling is a a unique 8 to 10-hour seminar presented by Small Associates specifically for Christian groups. Far more than a pep talk or a cursory nod to spiritual gifts, The Calling gives participants the tools to build their own PSPSC profiles to discover God’s calling in their lives. Specific questions help every individual with the details of immediate and long-term implementation. Additional consultation with church administration may set up long-term corporate integration.


• A personal answer to the question “What does God want me to do for Him now?”

• What Christian service is really about

• New insights to your personality, based upon current neuroscience research

• What happens when you adapt away from your God-given thinking style

• How your personality and skills relate to your unique calling

• Insight to your God-given personal passion

• The Biblical basis for spiritual gifts and your own spiritual gifts

• How to tell whether a call is from God

• How you and your church family can use “unity in diversity” to fulfill your mission

• How to create your own PSPSC profile

• . . . and much more!

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